Internet research has become a key issue in most investigations. Our professionals have experience with tracing Internet IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to their origins. We can also track down current and historical domain (website) address information including the owner information for a particular period of time. Internet email has also become a challenging area of investigation. Our experienced investigators can often trace email messages and identify the author.

Millions of people share personal information online that can often reveal potentially useful information if it is documented and collected properly. Social media investigations have played a crucial and integral part in many of our client cases. From uncovering conversations about corporate intellectual property, to helping build a case against insurance fraud, employee theft, criminal wrongdoing, and even infidelity.

Locating online information is only part of the investigative process. The second, and most important part of any digital investigation, is collecting the information and preserving it in a way that it can later be presented and understood by the client. Our experts can collect social media content from the leading social media networking sites and preserve that content for our clientele.