Sandbox Your Computer

Sandboxing, in computers terms, refers to isolating certain programs or functions in a secure area (to put it very simply). This allows you to run untrusted programs or browse malicious websites without concern of infecting your system. If you want a more descriptive explanation, visit this link.

There are a few programs for sandboxing, but the most common and most popular seems to be Sandboxie. There is a limited free version that after the trial period makes you wait a few seconds before being able to use it. I use it often, so it was worth the price. Here is a video showing Sandboxie in use (I did not produce this video).

I highly recommend using Sanboxie or any other effective sanboxing program, especially if you have kids. They can visit a malicious site and not worry about an exploit infecting the system. They can even install a program while being sandboxed to see if it is malicious. If the program is malicious, just empty the sandbox and all traces are gone. If the program is not malicious and you want to keep it, you will still need to empty the sandbox and reinstall while not being sandboxed.

Download Sandboxie and give it a try. As I mentioned earlier, there is a free trial and then limited functionality after the trial expires. Even when the use is limited, Sandboxie is still useful.