Secure Your Passwords

It seems like every website requires a password and it is impossible to remember every one of them if using unique and secure passwords. This often causes people to use the same password on every site, which is a very bad idea. If a criminal gets access to one, they … Continue reading

Disk Encryption

If your computer(s) contain sensitive information that could be exploited if lost or stolen, it is highly recommended to use some type of disk encryption. My preferred program is TrueCrypt, which is free for personal and commercial use. Though I was quick to point out that TrueCrypt is free, this is not … Continue reading

Business IT Security

This post is not intended to be comprehensive IT security guide. The intent of the post is to educate business (and even home) users to common risks that they may not even be aware of. Business owners/managers have enough to worry about and they cannot be expected to be an … Continue reading

Backup Your Data

I often see people after disaster strikes and most knew they should have been backing up their data. I have been successful in most data recovery attempts, but there has been data I have been unable to recover. Many years of memories have been lost forever. All Hard Drives Will Eventually Fail … Continue reading